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Week 3

Posted by on May 7, 2012

This week we had several anatomy classes. I think I’m not exaggerating by stating that Jim Preddy is the best (school-) teacher I met in my life. He is the funniest guy you can imagine. ‘Humor’ runs through his veins, bones, nerves and muscles. If he wasn’t crazy about anatomy he could easily be a standup comedian. He doesn’t try to be funny… he IS funny. So you never get tired of him *being funny*. Jim is a doctor working at an Emergency room in Las Vegas. Like he says, he’s good at “keeping people alive”.

Friday night at 12 o’clock, after finishing the anatomy class, he showed, those who were interested, some pictures of former patients. ‘Gross pictures’, so to speak.. I will spare you the details, but I would have never believed that a heterosexual guy, or any guy for that matter, or any human being for that matter, could have a vibrator entirely *inside* his body, from the battery pack at the bottom to the tip at the top, approximately from his anus to his diaphragm (yes, diaphragm!!), unnecessary to say a HUGE vibrator, if I had not seen this on an X-ray picture with my own two eyes…..

Well, Monday morning we will have a little anatomy test. In about a week another, larger one. Bring it on..

We had two yoga classes by Emmy Cleaves this week and one ‘Triangle pose’ workshop. At the workshop trainees could show their Triangle on the podium and Emmy would give them advice when needed. Follow the dialogue and you should know exactly what to do. Right leg like perfect upside down ‘L’, like Linda, Right elbow in front of right knee. Righthand fingertips between big toe and second toe, fingertips touching the toes but no pressure on the floor, left hip forward, left knee locked…… The real heroes showing their Triangle, were the people who had problems with this pose. Sometimes Emmy could correct them, sometimes hips were so tight they need a lot of practice. Emmy is adorable, has humor, has a lot of knowledge, but is also very human. Her first class this week she was a little annoyed by trainees who didn’t take her advice or couldn’t.. One time she even said ‘I give up…’.. Well, only human.. I hope I will be able to give class like she does when I’m her age…

Roommate Bram and I are getting along very well. The first week we shared food and bought groceries together, but the second week we decided to do our own things. Bram likes to cook, I don’t, Bram uses a lot of water, I drink coke with a smile (see picture below…), Bram likes to have breakfast with a slice of slightly toasted whole grain bread (yes, we bought a toaster for 13 bucks), avocado, cottage cheese, a little bit of pepper and finally some drops of lemon juice (really, really nice… yummie, try it!! although I would recommend salty butter and some tabasco too)…..

Toast with Cottage Cheese and Avocado

Toast with Cottage Cheese and Avocado

……I like to skip breakfast or eat a banana at least an hour before yoga class. We both bought a rice cooker. A rice cooker, for those who don’t know, is like a small saucepan standing on top of a source of heat with a second pan, that has holes on the bottom, on top of the first pan. You can do everything with this cooker.. boil eggs, steam vegetables, cook rice or pasta, bake chicken. Who needs a kitchen?

Billboard between
Ralph’s and Trader Joe’s

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter?

You wouldn’t eat
22 packs of sugar.
Why are you drinking them?

The most exciting thing that happened this week is the start of the ‘dialogue clinics’. You learn the instructions of one of the 26 postures or the two breathing exercises by heart in your own time and at the clinic tell three fellow trainees to follow these instructions, in front of some teachers and two groups each of approx. 20 trainees watching you. The most difficult thing about this is getting out of your head, where the memorized instructions are hiding, and actually look at the three bodies in front of you, while telling them what to do.

Yesterday, Saturday, there was a voluntary lecture at which a couple of studymethodes were explained. Some were very useful. There’s such a positive vibe at TT. Everybody is really helpful, nice and friendly. It is adviced to have one or several study buddies. Roommate Bram already has memorized a lot of postures, so we sometimes do practice together, but we decided to both have another buddy as well. My buddy is a very friendly girl from Canada, whoes parents are actually from the Netherlands. We memorized two postures this weekend, so this week probably won’t be too hectic with regard to studying. Monday I will do Eagle at the clinic, which I learned last week, so hopefully will only have to learn one more to get through week four.

With study buddy Winny in front of the Radisson hotel on artificial grass.

With study buddy Winny in front of the Radisson hotel on artificial grass.

Michon, one of the staff members, a yoga teacher and very funny guy, attended my first or second dialogue clinic. When a girl was instructing ‘backbend’ or ‘hands to feet’ we suddenly heard a dog barking, very loud. It was supposedly coming out of the speakers. It took some time before we realized Michon did this on purpose to distract the girl, learning her/us not to get distracted by anything or just to learn how to raise your voice. The sound of construction workers is also a nice one I can recall. Very annoying.. 🙂
Most of the teachers, as it seems, use a micro(head)phone in class, so we also have to learn how to use this. When a girl got up on stage and asked if the headphone could be made a bit smaller, Michon asked if she couldn’t make her head a bit bigger… Haha..

Bikram went on a trip last Wednesday and will be back in about 1,5 weeks from now… Tuesday evening… eh night, you could voluntarily watch Bollywood movies with Bikram. Of the 421 trainees five trainees did and about four even stayed when Bikram started the second movie at about 3:00am… As it seems it finished at 06:30am. My study buddy, who watched the first movie, fell asleep after the first 08:30am yoga class and was woken up by the cleaners a couple of hours later when the yoga room was entirely empty. How funny… Respect though!!

Yoga classes were ok this week. Saturday morning was tough. People dropped like flies, a lot left the room, a girl cried in the hallway after class. I felt sorry for those who had to take another class 1,5 hours later, to make up for any mistakes they made during the week. They must have been toasted…

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  1. Marnie Krom

    Just like those beautiful flowers,…..You grow every day! Mooi Mark, keep up the good Work. Je ziet er Goed en Happy uit! Kus kus

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